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If you’re looking for the best crypto sportsbook, then you’re at the right place. At Crypto Bookies, we’ve combined our online sportsbetting expertise with cryptocurrencies to help you find your new betting home with Bitcoin and all that.

Cryptocurrency has become mainstream recently and there’s a lot to learn and to figure out. Many betting sites have jumped onto the crypto bandwagon. Not all of them were created equal of course, and when it comes to betting with crypto, we’ll tell you what to keep your eyes open for.

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The Best Crypto Sportsbooks 2024

At Crypto Bookies, we’re all about in depth site reviews and testimonials.

search iconWith each sportsbook review, our seasoned professionals analyze key product offerings, and important backend items like banking and customer service.

1bet-logo1Bet Review150 CAD
  • Curaçao Gaming
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stake-logoStake ReviewVarious Promotions
  • Curaçao Gaming
92%RecommendedVisit Stake
playzilla-logoPlayzilla Review100 USD / 250 CAD
  • Curaçao Gaming
91%RecommendedVisit Playzilla
cloudbet-casino-logoCloudbet Review5 BTC
  • Curaçao Gaming
91%RecommendedVisit Cloudbet
1 Free Bet
Curaçao Gaming
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Any bookmaker who sits in the top positions of our table will offer the best overall package in terms of:

  • Betting markets
  • Betting odds
  • Payment options and processing
  • New customer bonus and other offers
  • Security and trustworthiness
  • Customer service

How we test Crypto Bookies

In our sportsbook reviews, we pay special attention on how well a gambling site uses cryptocurrencies to the benefit of bettors. This is how a good crypto sportsbook will differentiate itself from regular online bookies. We also have plenty of tips for those who are new to cryptocurrencies, such as how to handle transaction fees.

coinsObviously, our team also looks at all the things expected from a classic bookmaker too. Special offers like new client bonuses and free bets, along with betting options and good odds are a must. It’s also worth noting that crypto sportsbooks usually have significantly more developed esports betting options than regular bookies.

arrowCrypto Bookies provides bettors with all they need when it comes to gambling with cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to give you the latest trends and information in a simple and easy to understand form. Crypto betting isn’t rocket science and it doesn’t take long to get on board.

What makes a good Crypto Bookies

Crypto betting sites aren’t really so different from regular sportsbooks other than the ability to bank with cryptocurrencies. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Punters on the search for a good crypto sportsbook should look for a bookmaker that has:

  • a well-designed and quick to load website that is mobile ready
  • fair odds
  • a wide selection of betting markets and options, like live in-play betting
  • fast payments, both on deposits and cashout
  • good customer support
  • bonuses and promotions
  • high level of security and data protection
  • a gambling license, such as one from Curacao

When it comes to crypto gambling, the main differentiator will be the payment options. A good crypto bookie will accept a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and Doge.

Range of Betting Options

One of the best things about crypto sportsbooks is that they have a much wider range when it comes to betting options. Regular online bookies already offer a lot, covering just about any sport that can be played competitively, and their crypto counterparts go even further. Sports of different leagues, live bets, politics are all on the table. On top of that, virtual sports are hot in the crypto space, and many of these sites are deep into esports.

Sports available in Crypto Sportsbooks

You can find everything you expect from a regular online sportsbook and more at crypto betting sites. At a glance, this includes, but is definitely not limited to:






american footballRugby


star iconPolitics & Entertainment


Esports betting is much more extensive at crypto bookmakers. You get all the leagues of interest, like League of Legends, Dota and Counter-Strike. All sports are available for live betting, of course.

1bet-websiteOur Top Pick - 1Bet sports bettingMoreLess

What the experts have to say about crypto betting

martin hillMartin Hill: I’ve been in the betting industry for a long time, and staying on top of new developments is my business. The quality behind crypto betting sites is my primary interest, as they usually forego the usual gambling licenses and opt for international ones such as the one from Curacao instead.  I make sure that these sites still meet standards, are honest, fair and transparent.

christian webberChris Webber: I’m mostly a football junkie, or soccer as they like to call it in the US. But I’m a big fan of all competitive sports and I’m up for any chance to take a punt. I’m also not the kind that just sits around, and mobile is my domain. Especially for live betting, mobile is just hard to beat. And when it comes to crypto betting, Bitcoin is my top choice.

Vienne GarciaVienne Garcia: I’m into all things crypto. There is a lot of money to be made with cryptocurrencies, but there are also lots of details to be aware of. Things like stability, prices and transaction fees all matter. My job at Crypto Bookies is to apply my expertise in this area to help punters find the best way to get the most out of sportsbetting with cryptocurrencies.

Finding the right crypto bookmaker: questions to ask

Which is the best crypto sportsbook will always depend on your personal needs and wants. Here are some important questions to ask before you put money down:


  1. What am I looking to get out of this sportsbook?
  2. Are there specific types of bets or sports I’m especially interested in?
  3. What are the odds offered by the bookmaker?
  4. What payment options are available and which cryptocurrencies are accepted?
  5. Do the transactions take place in crypto or are they converted into fiat?
  6. Are there banking fees involved and how quick is cashout?
  7. What license does the bookie have?
  8. What’s the sportsbook’s reputation like? Is it a trustworthy site?

You can’t really determine a betting site’s trustworthiness through its licensing alone. In our sportsbook reviews, our team looks at all these questions carefully and checks to make sure it’s a good site worthy of your time. We do extensive research to take the load off your back.

Crypto Sportsbetting: Pros and Cons

We’re obviously big fans of crypto sportsbetting, but we do appreciate that it may not be for everyone. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to cryptosportsbooks to help you figure out if it is for you.

  • Cryptocurrencies are accepted worldwide
  • Cryptocurrencies have the same value across national borders
  • Decentralized payment processing
  • No deposit and withdrawal restrictions
  • Practically anonymous payments with no banks involved
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • No bet limits imposed by state
  • Usually no betting tax applicable
  • Diverse betting options, often more than regular sportsbooks
  • Bonus terms usually simpler, with higher amounts
  • Faster verification process – sometimes none
  • Transaction fees charged by crypto-wallet
  • Actual value of win can vary with fluctuations in the price of your cryptocurrency
  • Fewer providers have welcome bonuses

Although at first glance, crypto bookies seem to offer fewer bonuses than your average online sportsbook, don’t let that put you off. The default at crypto gambling sites is to reward regular bettors. When a bonus shows up, you’ll see the terms are much easier with lower wagering requirements. And any pro will know that lower wagering requirements mean more money for you in the end.

Deposits and Withdrawals: which cryptocurrencies are accepted?

Which cryptocurrency is accepted at a betting site will depend on the site itself.  While Bitcoin is basically universally accepted, the better crypto bookmakers will accept a wider variety of coins.

Commonly accepted
Less common
More exotic choices
bitcoin coin
Bitcoin (BTC)
dash coin
Dashcoin (DASH)
ethereum coin
Ethereum (ETH)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
uniswap coin
Uniswap (UNI)
litecoin coin
Litecoin (LTC)
eos coin
Polkadot (DOT)
ripple coin
Ripple (XRP)
tron coin
Tron (TRX)
stellar lumens
Stellar (XLM)
tether coin
Tether (USDT)
cardano coin
Cardano (ADA)

If you plan to bet at a range of crypto sportsbooks or casinos, then it would be best to hold the more commonly accepted cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

BTC – the Number One coin in sportsbetting

bitcoinBitcoin sportsbooks is of course a thing. However, Bitcoin sportsbooks are the same as crypto sportsbooks. It’s just that Bitcoin is the most popular coin out there so it’s become synonymous with cryptocurrencies. That means BTC is your best bet if you want to hold something that will be widely accepted, whether it’s across different betting sites or otherwise.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Maybe you are new to the whole crypto thing and are wondering what exactly is cryptocurrency all about. The long and short of it is that it’s a digital currency that’s decentralized by running on the blockchain. It’s also not government issued like the US dollar or the Euro, which are called fiat currencies. Each cryptocurrency has a symbol. For example, Bitcoin is BTC, Ethereum is ETH, and Tether is USDT.

Transactions – that is when you send or receive money – are recorded in blocks on a decentralized blockchain. This means that banks are not involved, which is why withdrawals are much faster at crypto gambling sites. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to receive your payment. The exact speed though can vary with the cryptocurrency you are using. For example, Ethereum blocks are written on the blockchain much faster than BTC.

Crypto Wallets

Since banks are not involved in the equation at all, you might be wondering where you store your crypto cash. The answer is simple. You store it in a crypto wallet. The most popular ones are Binance and Coinbase, but there are also others like Bitpanda. Most cryptowallets will let you easily buy or exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Shiba Inu and even more exotic coins with regular fiat money. The most popular cryptowallets include:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Bitpanda
  • eToro
  • Safe
  • Exodus
  • Ledger Nano (an offline wallet, aka a cold wallet)

arrowCrypto wallets charge fees for transactions. Different wallets charge different fees, so it may be worth shopping around if you foresee many payments ahead. Alternatively, combine your payments into one, so that you make one large deposit instead of several small ones, for example.

binance-websiteBinance Website ScreenshotMoreLess

Buy cryptocurrency for betting

If you don’t own any cryptocurrency but want to get into crypto betting right away, the good news is that most of these sites will let you buy crypto directly from them. In these cases, there’s usually a third party payment gateway involved that lets you use your credit card or other regular payment method to buy crypto. There will be fewer cryptocurrencies on offer compared to a crypto wallet, but BTC and ETH are commonly seen.

Outside of cryptowallets, some third party options for buying Bitcoin or other digital coins include:

moonpayMoonpay: this is the most popular crypto payment gateway at betting sites. The biggest advantage here is that you can use credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay with Moonpay. Those residing in the EU or UK and use SEPA bank transfers or Fast Payments, while Americans have the option of Samsung Pay as well. This is very convenient as you don’t need to sign up for an account first, as is the case if you are using Binance or Coinbase.

UtorgUtorg: with Utorg you can purchase crypto quickly and securely with your credit card, although you will have to have a crypto wallet first. Their selling point is that they don’t charge any fees and no registration is required. However, you won’t be able to use debit cards, Apple Pay or so on with Utrog. Only credit cards are accepted. no matter where you are, you can buy or sell Bitcoins and  Altcoins with other users via this peer-to-peer marketplace. While it’s a relatively unknown Finnish company, its security and processing speed is absolutely first class. Catering to people around the world, this platform accepts a wide range of payment methods, including Skrill, Paypal, credit cards, bank transfers and much more.

Buying cryptocurrency directly from a bookmaker

As mentioned, some bookmakers will let you buy directly cryptocurrencies from their site, typically through a payment gateway such as Moonpay. This is particularly convenient if you are new to crypto betting and want to get a feel for how the whole thing works before committing to getting a crypto-wallet.

tresor iconSome sites, such as offer an internal safe where you can keep the crypto you have bought from them. The coins belong to you of course, and it is secured by the highest level 2 factor authentication so that only you have access to your digital cash.

Crypto-betting and taxes

Depending on which country you are in and where your casino or bookie is licensed, there may be a gambling tax in place. Usually it’s paid by the casino or bookmaker, but the costs are typically passed onto consumers through a higher house edge and lower odds on the player’s end with casino games. However, this is less common in sportsbetting since it’s not possible to influence the outcome of a match. In sportsbetting, the costs tend to simply be added on and it’s not uncommon to see an offset tax on your betting slip.

Crypto sportsbooks on the other hand often forego these national gambling licenses and opt for an international one such as the Curacao license, or simply through membership of the Crypto Gambling Foundation. This means that these taxes are not applicable, and so it ends up being a better deal for bettors. However, things may change in the future but we would for sure update you here if it happens.

Crypto-betting Fees

One key difference between a regular online bookie and a crypto betting site is that the former will usually not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals, but this is not the case with crypto sites. Crypto wallets charge fees for deposits or any transaction you make outside of their network, and these fees can add up fast. Withdrawals too also come with what is called network transaction fees.

Network transaction fees can help encourage miners to keep mining so that the blocks required to complete the transaction get written faster. These fee structures will vary from site to site.

info iconAt, the fees are clearly listed. Bitcoin, for example, has a fee listed at 0.00007 BTC. This is a flat fee and punters can go in knowing clearly what to expect. Other sites may have a percentage fee, or even fluctuating fees.

If you are converting your cryptocurrency into fiat, you should also pay attention to any extra fees charged for the conversion by your crypto-wallet or by the site.

No Limit Crypto Bookies

Gambling sites, whether it’s a sportsbook or a casino, need to know they have enough money to pay out, which is probably why many have a limit on winnings. However, some sites like Stake are so called no limit sportsbooks, meaning they haven’t stated a clear limit on winnings. Punters who want to reel in the really big fish should take note.

Another great thing about crypto casinos and sportsbooks is that many have no deposit limits, which is why many high rollers have switched over to these sites. Especially if you’re sitting in a country that restricts your monthly deposits at online casinos, then this is a breath of fresh air. At crypto betting sites, you can deposit as much as you want as long as you have your digital cash. Many high rollers have switched over to crypto gambling precisely for this reason.

There may sometimes be limits per transaction on deposits and withdrawals. Still, when there are limits, these tend to be much higher than at regular betting sites and a few more clicks is really nothing compared to the freedom you get in return.

stake-sports-websiteCrypto Betting Site at Stake.comMoreLess

Are no limit betting sites safe?

gaming control curacaoAs with any betting site, you should make sure you choose a licensed bookmaker or casino. Most crypto bookies are licensed by the Curacao eGaming authorities. Although this particularly license might be relatively unknown, it has become a source of authority in the past few years and is considered as a reputable one.

Curacao gambling licenses are known for giving operators more freedom, which is why you can enjoy higher bet limits at these sites. However, it’s always smart to make sure you don’t gamble beyond your own budgetary limits.

On top of meeting security and player protection standards, a Curacao gaming license requires that the operator prove their financial stability to ensure they have sufficient funds to pay customers. The operator also has to pay a licensing fee, which at the time of writing was about $34,000 US, followed by monthly fees. There’s also a 2% tax, which is quite low compared to other jurisdictions and is a reason why many sites have opted for this license.

stake crypto gambling foundation verifiedSome crypto betting sites may forego traditional licensing completely, and are members of the Crypto Gambling Foundation. Crypto casinos can also offer Provably Fair games, which give players a piece of code with which they can verify for themselves that all was fair. Some sites, like, have this and a Curacao license, so there is absolutely no doubt about their trustworthiness.

Crypto betting odds

Odds are a big part of how much money you really win in sportsbetting. The long and short of it is that whether a bookie is a crypto one or not does not seem to be the decisive element in the odds on the table. Certainly crypto bookies don’t offer worse odds, but there are always some sites that offer better ones to attract more customers.

martin hill“Regular punters know that it’s worth having accounts at different sportsbooks to take advantage of the varying odds for specific sports and matches, along with the free bets and promos that get thrown in. The same goes for crypto betting sites. You can sign up to simply to stay up to date. It doesn’t cost a thing. This way, you’ll be ready to strike when the iron is hot.” Martin Hill

Politics Betting and more with Cryptos

star iconThose familiar with sportsbetting will know that there’s a lot more to bet on than just sports. It’s not just virtual sports or esports like Call of Duty, LoL or Counterstrike either. If you look closely at all the options, you can often bet on what’s sometimes called politics and entertainment or social betting. Who’s going to win the US presidential elections? Maybe you have a favorite for the Oscars. Or maybe some royal gossip, like if you wanted to guess the name of Harry and Meaghan’s baby. All of these are things you can bet on and have long been very popular with punters both serious and casual. And you can certainly find them at crypto sportsbooks too.

Cloudbet LogoCloudbet: Bet on UK or American politics, or whatever is making the headlines of the day at the Cloudbet cryptosportsbook. They’re great at keeping up with the news.

Stake LogoStake: The sportsbook at Stake has a section called Politics & Entertainment. Whether it’s the elections, or who’s going to win Best Actor at the Oscars, you can place your bet here.

Playzilla LogoPlayzilla: Check out the Specials section at Playzilla. There’s Entertainment and Politics under that listing and it drills down to all the betting options currently available right in the menu.

Crypto Betting vs. Crypto Sports Betting

profits-icon-64x64.pngTo be clear, there is the crypto betting are people who bet on the value of cryptocurrencies, sort of like the stock market. This is the usual buy low sell high strategy. For example, there is relatively unknown coin, and people load up on it before it becomes the next Bitcoin. This isn’t quite the crypto betting we talk about on this site. Our focus here is on sports betting that is done with cryptocurrencies instead of dollars or Euros. If you’re looking for crypto-betting of the former sort, you should check out some of the bigger crypto wallets like Coinbase or Binance that also have a marketplace.

Crypto Betting Bonus

At crypto betting sites, there’s everything you’re used to, like welcome offers for new customers, as well as ongoing promotions.

And one of the great things about crypto betting sites is that the bonuses are often more generous with higher amounts and better terms than your usual online sportsbook. Part of our job at Crypto Bookies is to find the best crypto betting bonuses for you. These include risk free bets, boosters, coin drops, special campaigns like double winnings, as well as deposit bonuses.

1bet-welcomebonusThe 1Bet Sport BonusMoreLess

Transparency and Protection against Fixed Matches – How safe are crypto bookies?

Fairness is always a concern when it comes to online gambling sites, regardless if its crypto or not. When it comes to sportsbetting, there is always the question if the results were somehow rigged. Were the game results manipulated? There is a lot at stake for the athletes and sports leagues, so the pressure is high to keep the games pure, but at the same time match fixing can be big business for the athletes too.

dotsBetting lobbies are also keen to keep fixed games out, as they understand that no one wants to bet on fixed games. Every betting scandal that involves manipulation is simply bad business. Thus there are early warning systems in place to detect behaviors that indicate potential abnormalities.

In this sense, crypto sportsbooks are no different from regular betting. It’s actually more transparent in a way, as it has the additional benefit of having everything decentralized on the blockchain so that it can be verified by anyone. The data is transparent and any misbehavior from the bookie can be seen. This means that you have one less thing to worry about. On top of that, crypto is all about high level encryption to ensure that it’s all bullet proof, meaning your transactions through these sites are as safe as can be.

Crypto betting: Tips and Tricks

idea iconIf you want to get into the world of crypto sports betting, here are some tips from our experts for some smooth sailing ahead:

  1. Shop around: Shopping around has several advantages. It gives you an idea of which site offers the best odds for the market you’re interested in, plus you’ll get access to more special offers. This is our number one tip.
  2. Compare odds: The differences might seem small, but if you’re a regular punter or a high roller, then these differences can add up very quickly.
  3. Flexibility in Payout: There are punters who swear by this. Check for sportbook offers that payout early so that you don’t have to sit through the whole game to win. Early payout, guaranteed payouts are all good things. You can win even if your team loses.
  4. Watch for transaction fees: One of the things about cryptocurrencies is that there are usually fees for transactions. These can add up. So it’s important to get an idea of what your crypto wallet charges, and what the bookie charges, whether it’s a flat fee or a percentage. Then you could try to group your deposits and withdrawals into larger amounts to reduce those costs.
  5. Keep an eye out for altcoins: Altcoins are essentially any cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin. Once you get more familiar with the world of crypto, it is worth checking out which altcoin is up and coming, so you can buy in when the price is still low – and watch the price rise. When done right, this will increase your budget and give you a lot more to play with.


  1. What leagues can I bet on at crypto sportsbooks?
  2. Where can I compare crypto bookmakers?
  3. Is Bitcoin safe?
  4. Provably Fair – does this apply to crypto bookmakers?

1.) What leagues can I bet on at crypto sportsbooks?

Literally everything you can find at regular betting sites can be found in a crypto sportsbook, whether it’s the NHL, NFL, NBA, the Premier League or even more obscure ones like the Korea Basketball League. There are also esport leagues big and small too.

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2.) Where can I compare crypto bookmakers?

star iconWe at Crypto Bookies have made it our business to provide clear and in-depth sportsbook reviews so you can quickly compare them all at a glance with ratings and then through more detailed analysis.

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3.) Is Bitcoin safe?

shield iconYes. Bitcoin is safe and so is betting with Bitcoin if you choose a reliable gambling site. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to make it to the mainstream and it’s been one of the best assets to hold by investors. Do however make sure you choose a reputable site to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies though.

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4.) Provably Fair – does this apply to crypto bookmakers?

At casinos, Provably Fair is a crypto technology that allows players to check that each game they played was indeed fair. Fairness for games like slots are blackjack, that means that each spin or hand you were dealt were truly random. Provably Fair is not applicable to sportsbetting, since sport is all about the training, skills and talents from each athlete and their team, it’s not random at all.

christian-webber“There is one exception though, and that is Virtual Sports. These are computer simulated games and matches that you can bet on. Since these are software based and not real matches, you want to make sure that the results are random.”

Chris Webber

virtuell-sports-playzillaPlayzilla offers an extensive range of virtual sportsMoreLess

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Conclusion on Sports Betting with Crypto

Crypto bookmakers, also known as Bitcoin sportsbooks, are here to stay. In many ways, these sites are not so different from your regular bookmakers other than that you get use BTC or another crypto of your choice to bet. This difference though adds up to a lot more options in practice.

For those in countries with bet limitations and other restrictions, the crypto betting space offers a good alternative.

Additionally, cryptocurrencies have the inherent advantage of faster transaction speeds than fiats like dollars or Euros, since it relies 100% on technology and is independent from banks.

arrowBefore getting on board, there are a few things like transaction fees that you should be aware of, but all in all, crypto betting is much easier than it might seem.

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